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You may need to make a coffee or a tea  as this update is longer than I thought it would be

Hi Friends
As some of you will know I resigned from Hillsong Leadership College here in Sydney at the end of last year it was a real step of faith for us as most of  my salary paid our rent 😊 but Fred and I both knew it was time to step out once again it never ends ……. Our Senior Pastor Brian Houston had a word for our Church  “New Roads New Rivers” and as he shared it at the beginning of the year Fred and I both looked at each other and smiled we knew it was for me, we talked and prayed but did not discuss it with anyone we knew that Jesus would show us the timing the year flew by as it always does and we still had a peace about me finishing strong but just not a date!!

In October we had just come back from a Ministry trip to India and Robert Fergusson our teaching Pastor called me out from the platform now I want you to know that I am not one of those people who get prophetic words from people in public but he told me that “God was going to give me a strategy to bring miracles to this nation” my response because it was the end of semester “God I don’t have time for strategies I have assessments to mark” 😊 He can cope with your honesty (people can’t always cope) that was on the Sunday evening on the Tuesday I was at our Australian Christian Churches  conference (I have been ordained here) and the President of the State  said from the platform “where is Margaret Stunt I have a word for her” my heart was beating very fast as I put my hand up in that auditorium feeling everyone’s eyes on me including the Vice Principle of our College and my Boss!!   He called me forward and said “God is going to give you a fresh anointing for healing “ I thanked him and went back to my seat knowing that I would call Fred later and tell him which I did, he laughed and said “I think it is Time to leave “  I smiled and agreed. The following week I asked to see my Boss and because he had heard both prophetic words knew I was going to resign, so grateful that God goes before us and makes a way
I loved our Students and our Staff so it was a bitter sweet moment when I left

I asked Jesus if I could have some time at home to spend with HIM and do some research on the words I had been given especially about a strategy for miracles, I am still working on this but feel like I am getting some clarity, I felt that it would be good   before He opened any doors all of this was IN FAITH!! As I had nothing booked in at all He reminded me that Faith is for things not seen but to trust and relax. He also told me that He did not need another “Speaker” Oh!! I thought that was what I was called to do He said “No I want you to Minister to my people “ and He by His grace has shown me How to do that
I tried to relax and trust him do that,  but I like to be doing 😊  He reminded me that it is important to Be not just to Do which I have preached in the past!!! I love it when He does that I really do have to practice what I preach I asked Him to open doors after our Colour Conference here in March and made plans to be available to Him and our family our Great Granddaughter was born in February and I was overjoyed to be able to be around to get to know her she has brought so much Joy to our family

As the conference finished I flew to Canada and had the most amazing time with our friends and Pastors at Calgary Life Church and from there went to LA and was able to stay and be part of our Colour Conference there and catch up with so many friends it was a real treat
During the rest of the  year I have travelled to the UK, Berlin and the States as well as speaking here in Australia it has been wonderful to see all that He is doing in His Church
2018 is filling up I will be in India in January and on the 31st I fly to America I will be with Life Church in Tampa Florida then going to be wonderful to spend time with special Friends Dave and Kathy Swart and speak at Kathy’s conference and at their 614 Church in Ohio from the 6 February  more info to follow
I will post the rest of my itinerary very soon but just to let you know that I will be in the UK in April/May.
I really want to encourage you that as you step out He steps in He asked me “where is your faith?” I reminded Him that I needed daily faith to do my role as a Pastoral Trainer in College, but I knew that I had got just a little comfortable in my role, so He reminded me that I was saved by Faith, called by Faith, walk by Faith, ask in Faith, live by Faith and that there were exploits for us to do on the planet As there are for you Faith is what pleases Him and we all want to do that don’t we so where ever you are on the Faith journey take another step even if it is a little one and watch what He will do and please let me know I would love to hear from you
Bye for now love and hugs Margaret

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