What a start to the year!

Hi Friends

What a great start to this year if you are following my Unlocking Ministries Facebook Page you will have seen some of the photos of my travels

In January once again I stepped out in faith and launched my ministry, I spoke to our accountant and he helped me to register the name and get a ABN number all of this is new for me, I also opened a bank account WOW!! This makes it official and very real, it also means that if you want to support my ministry you can do so. please contact me and I will send you the details
I prayed and asked Jesus to bless us in this season and in His kindness, He has.

On the 17th January I flew to Bangalore in India to speak at the “She 31” Women’s conference hosted by our friends Reji and Esther Chandy, and due to their kindness I was able to see the update of my book “Healed and Whole “ for the first time.

We gather as women and the theme was Proverbs 31 woman I spoke on “Living in the light of Eternity “ and we saw many women respond, for me it was wonderful to share the platform with other local amazing Pastors who have become friends.
We saw captives set free, hope restored, healings, and many lives changed. I continue to pray for fruit that will remain

31st January I flew to Tampa Florida to our friends Ed and Janis Russo at Life Church

I spoke at their Team Night on the Thursday, and then caught up with our Alumni from Hillsong College

Friday Night was Sisterhood United and we had a great time around His word and the women responded and received which is always a privilege to see happen

3rd February I took another flight to Kalamazoo Michigan and was blessed to speak at Valley Family Church with Jeff and Beth Jones we had such a blast together I also did their staff meeting and a podcast for Beth’s programme
“The Basic with Beth” you had hear it on iTunes here https://apple.co/2mimVYk or on the website at thebasicswithbeth.com/podcast
Such a special time for me and the whole Family and Team made me so welcome

6th January I was so excited to board a plane bound for Columbus Ohio to see our long time friends David and Kathy Swart and to meet their children for the first time what a treat, and it gets even better I was going to speak at Kathy’s Corner conference, once again we gathered and Jesus turned up and did what only He can do in our lives the testimonies continue to come in of lives truly changed shame fell off and freedom came to stay.
David asked if I would speak at their 614 Church on the Sunday morning which was an honour, love seeing all that they are building

11th I said goodbye to the Swart family and flew to Los Angeles and was delighted to be reunited with our friends Sam and Heidi Stevens they are the Campus Pastors at Hillsong Church LA it was great to be together again.
I was given the opportunity to speak to Key Leaders and Volunteering on Tuesday evening and for me it will always be a night to remember we saw people baptised in Holy Spirit, the worship was breathtaking and we all lingered and God did what only He can do. I struggled to sleep as I kept giving thanks for all He had done.
On Wednesday our Lead Pastor of California Ben Houston asked me to take the Staff meeting, I spoke from Proverbs 1:4-6 from the Passion Translation which talks about skill, wisdom and understanding in Leadership.

15th I was able to catch up with one of our friends and Alumni Karun Chandy from Hillsong College and he drove me from LA to Orange County where I was invited by Nick Caine to speak to the Staff at A21 we had a good time talking about Holy Spirit and praying for each other
In the evening I was once again privileged to speak at Hillsong Orange County Key Leaders and Volunteers evening the worship was wonderful and I was able to encourage them in all that they are building we prayed and many received the baptism in Holy Spirit

16th Heidi and I flew to San Francisco the Pastors there are Brenden and Jacqui Brown they have two boys who are our family favourites, I spoke once again at Hillsong Service in a great venue in the heart of the City it was for me the icing on the cake you will see from the photos there were Alumni from Hillsong College there who are building local Church which always makes my heart so happy and to see them flourishing is a huge blessing, I had the opportunity to preach and pray for people afterwards once again nobody wanted to go home.

17th We had breakfast with Brenden Jacqui and some of their Leaders followed by a great Q&A after lunch Heidi and I flew back to LA where I collected my cases and went back to the airport and got on yet another plane but this one was going HOME

19th Arrived back in Sydney always good to be back with the Family lots of laughter and catching up.

24th The Links Church Women’s Retreat in Manly Jayne and I drove together to this great location our host Clare Wysman made us very welcome and the women were all really responsive
I have spent the rest of the time catching up with friends and family and preparing for the next door that He opens

2nd March I will be speaking at our Young Adults service called Powerhouse

Please see my Calendar for what’s ahead, I really appreciate your prayers and don’t hesitate to contact me
Love Margaret

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